The Blood of the Moon

Nenth, 27th Starday

Nenth, 27th Starday

A cool autumn breeze blew through the air. Perhaps one of the last of the season. We could hear the jovial sounds of the festivities as our wagon approached Azurestone. Instantly, the spirits of our group began to lift. The past few days of our journey proved long and wearisome. The thought of getting off the road and returning to society was a warming one. As we pulled into the village, instantly I was taken in by all the vibrant sights and cordial sounds of the festival. Children laughing and playing imaginative games, old friends sharing tales over a seasonal brew, crowds cheering as athletes of all kinds display their prowess, merchants and vendors peddling their wares, and bards singing ballads of harvest delights.

It wasn’t until my companion Skrills gave me a gentle nudge that I snapped out of my wonderment and began getting to work. I feel that Skrills and I share the strongest bond amongst my companions. Our attunement to the Fey as well as our unsatiable curiousties have given us much to converse about on this lengthy journey. Our group started unpacking the wagon, when I heard the wonderous claims of a nearby vendor. Having spent a fair portion of my live traveling and performing with a circus troupe, I knew such claims often prove false. I suggested to the group that we need not set about our work immediately, and should spend some time enjoying ourselves. Skrills accompanied me as I went to investigate this scrupolous merchant. Sir Roderick, eager to display his years of privellaged athletic training, made his way to the fields to partake in the foot race. Davgator quickly became enthralled with a boulder hurling contest…..(TBC)


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